Cranksgiving 2004

RESULTS: Cranksgiving 2004

November 20, 2004

18 people came out for the 6th annual Cranksgiving. Full results follow. Keep checking this page for details and pictures though. I just got home from the benefit party for Sasha (We raised over $200!), and I'm too beat to write too much right now. Sorry about that.

As you'll notice, a bunch of people got disqualified, myself included. That's because Tone puts together a mean race, dudes. There are rules! And he ain't letting nobody bend those rules. Alfred had it right when he said "It's about thinking, not just riding".

It should also be noted that even though Tom Clark came in DFL, he bought a whole turkey AND bought two of everything at each checkpoint. Way to have a big heart, Tom. Good work.

Final Results:

1Andy White
2 Alex
3 Dave C. (DQ)
4 Jack Blackfelt
5 Brean Shea
6 Squid (DQ)
7 Noel (DQ)
8 Charlotte (3rd girl. Yes, she came in first, but since she broke a rule, she had to be pushed down to 3rd girl)
9 Ken (DQ)
10 Ben
11 Mike Helmuth
12 Zach
13 Coralie (1st girl)
14 Ryan "the girl" (2nd girl)
15 Todd
16 Alfred
17 William G
18 Tom Clark

Photos: Amy Bolger