Cranksgiving started as one of several annual bike messenger "alleycat" races in New York City. Each year it is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving as a way for messengers and other urban cyclists to socialize, compete, and enjoy themselves while also raising food for local soup kitchens or food pantries in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is one of the only alleycats focused on raising donations for good causes. Ever since its beginnings in 1999 it has been adopted by organizers in numerous cities in one form or another where all types of cyclists participate to have fun while benefitting a local charity.
Even though the roots of Cranksgiving began among hard working messengers, with its spread the event also demonstrates how almost any person can use their bicycle as a means of transportation for typical shopping errands. As a result, cycling reduces an individual's dependence on expensive automobiles and the ever increasing cost of gas. Riding a bicycle also conrtibutes to a person's good health through exercise and the resulting reduction of air and noise pollution. A bike also reconnects people to their communities by slowing them down a little and providing exposure to a person's neighbors and surrounding environment.

This site attempts to showcase the first eight years Cranksgiving was organized in New York City by its founder while also providing a larger web site network where hosting cities can present information and updates about their local Cranksgiving events.

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