York,   Pennsylvania

For those, who do not know, Cranksgiving is an annual charity bicycle race held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, which benefits The York County Food Bank. York's Cranksgiving started in 2007 and is based in the roots of bicycle messenger "alleycat" races held in numerous cities around the world. The difference with Cranksgiving is that it is also a charity event and provides participants with the option of choosing their own routes to different stores much like a scavenger hunt. It is also one of the few "alleycats", which has been adopted by various organizers across the country with each event benefiting a charity in its own area.

In Cranksgiving riders are given a "shopping list" called a manifest along with a basic map of the York City area, which has predetermined supermarket locations on it. After the start, participants are allowed to only buy one item of food at each of the stores. Once a certain amount of items have been purchased, they then head to the finish line. After everyone completes the course, the group rides together to donate all the collected items at the York County Food Bank, which is usually only a few blocks from the start/finish.

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